Germany and Norway Expected To Order New Submarines By 2020

Source: Deutsche Marine

Contract negotiations with supplier TKMS are now underway.

Germany and Norway are currently negotiating procurement of six new Type 212 CD submarines, with a deal expected to be finalized by early 2020.

The deal is being struck with shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), which was selected as a preferred bidder by both nations in 2017 and submitted a binding offer in October 2018. Once the deal is signed off early next year, the submarines are expected to be ready to be commissioned by 2026.

Germany already operates four Type 212 boats. These new models will have the same low signature but boast greater range, higher speed and improved endurance to enable global deployment according to TKMS. Germany will order two of the new boats, with Norway taking four to replace its Ula-class submarines which are nearing the end of their active duty lifespan. Germany's naval capabilties, in particular, have been the subject of much discussion and commentary over the last few years, with all six of its submarines out of action at the same time in 2017, following an accident which damaged the rudder of the country's only remaining operational sub.

The move also comes as Germany and Norway forge closer naval ties, with a navy-to-navy cooperation agreement in place which incorporates shared research and development as well as missile cooperation.

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